Fictive is a personal computing tool that allows authors to manipulate generative grammars, simulated storyworlds and hypertext networks as part of the creative writing process.

Founded by Mark Rickerby—one of New Zealand’s leading experts in system design and computational media—we are excited to announce a $48,000 funding agreement with Manatū Taonga Ministry for Culture & Heritage through the Te Urungi: Innovating Aotearoa Fund.

This small scale grant will go towards the product design and engineering work needed to turn our R&D foundation into a working prototype and run tests with 50 designers and authors in early 2022.

Through feedback from this prototyping and testing, we will craft a more legible and understandable pitch as we develop and refine Fictive’s capabilities and build a language around this new style of creative app.

We see potential uses by narrative designers, novelists and editors who need to manage complex manuscripts, interactive media and videogame projects. It could also find a niche supporting the workflows of technical writers and science communicators who want to add more dynamic and interactive elements to their articles.

We want to provide access opportunities for emerging authors and artists to experiment with interactive fiction and innovative narrative structures and reduce the costs of publishing this type of work online.

As part of this initiative we’re also launching a minimalist locally-hosted cloud service for Aotearoa creatives and publishers to develop and distribute ebooks, interactive fiction works and experimental media projects.

Purpose Statement

Improve access to narrative technology by:


Mark Rickerby